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"Wilkinson has been managing my property for almost five (5) years now. The staff are always available to answer questions and resolve concerns for both me and my tenant. My property manager, Julie, is always a text or email away. I am so thankful to have the professional and attentive folks at Wilkinson managing my property! Thank you!"

Jenny Bee

"We have been really happy with Wilkinson PM, especially Christine H. and Patrick. They went above and beyond, getting contractors in to do repairs since we lived out of state. They make property management so seamless that you never really need to do anything or worry because they are always on top of the issues. When we sold our property, they did more for us than our own realtor did. Wilkinson came recommended to us and we're glad we signed up with them. Best decision!"

Talahiva Bradshaw

"The people at Wilkinson go beyond the normal scope of their work with us. They have been managing first one, and now two rental properties for us since the 1990s. They screen renters and give us their assessment while getting our approval. They've advised us well on rental rates, when to raise them, when to hold back because the market isn't as strong. They're good caretakers of our property, get repairs done quickly and for the best costs, and send us samples of items like countertops by email when it's necessary to change. When we told them we might want to sell a property in order to buy our retirement home, they told us it was a bad time, and then 3 of their managers sat down with us to look at ways we could finance our home without having to give up a good piece of rental property. Their professional know-how combined with their family spirit is a great combination. We recommend them highly."

Jim and Lyn Gray

"I HIGHLY recommend Willkinson PM! They were very friendly and welcoming when we found a property we liked and we only had 1 day to view and put in an application. They also gave us recommendations of things to do in the area for our last evening in town.

We rented a property with them for a year, but I wish it could have been longer. They were great to deal with and always got back to us promptly. Patrick and the rest of the team are great and we can't say enough amazing things about them. They take great care of their clients and are very professional. I wish all property management companies were like them!"

Sophia Hardy

"I've rented commercial real estate in Northern VA for a couple of decades, many different properties, for our business. Wilkinson is by a long shot the easiest landlord to work with of many others we've had. They are very responsive to all the needs we've had, which for our struggling business have been many. They are very fair and ready to negotiate and help the business however they can. Changes in our business have made moving to another location an attractive option for us but we decided to stay with Wilkinson for the superb, friendly management, an increasingly rare thing these days."

John Morris

"Wilkinson managed our property while we were posted overseas for several years. They are great to work with and we always felt they had our interests at heart. We have recommended WPM to our friends and recommend them to anyone."

Dustin Bradshaw

"A reliable service and property management that took care of all our needs in the rental we leased for over 5 years. Great to work with!"

Tiffany Anderson

"Wilkinson PM has managed rental properties for me for nearly forty years. During this time, each house has been almost completely remodeled. They made it easy for me and for the renters. Many times Wilkinson PM suggested improvements at their request, not the renter's request. They have made it easy for me to be a homeowner and I believe easy for the renter since there has not been any legal action in nearly forty years. I can only think of a couple of issues during this period. One was caused by Mother Nature, and the other by a drunken Marine."

Dennis Wyant

"Professionalism, industry expertise, long lasting business relationships... these are the things you will find, when you work with this team.

They know the area very well and they couple that with real estate and property mgmt expertise, impeccable business ethics, honesty, and experience that you can count on. The stellar work that Wilkinson PM/HomeFirst Realty agents and staff put in to their work shows in all of the successful business relationships they have maintained and grown over the years.

I personally worked with an agent (Chris) on the sale of my home and am amazed at the level of real estate knowledge he brought to the table. On top of that, as a property manager, he brings a wealth of experience and connections that got my home in the best shape possible for home sale. You aren't going to find this level of experience with most realtors and this is found throughout the company with the other agents as well.

If you are looking for a copious amount of experience, knowledge and professionalism mixed with the most professional level of service you can find - this is the right place to start.

I did notice that many of the lower star reviews seem to come from reviewers who themselves were held accountable for regular real estate/property mgmt laws and ethics. Reading through many of them, it actually shows what a reputable and legally responsible company should do when managing someone's else property. Owners and tenants really need to review their contracts and understand how the they are supposed to be managed.

Keep up the great work WPM/HFR!"

Karen Layser

"I had an issue with this company and I took to the review board to air my complaints. The owner came to the defense of his company and we were at least able to start dialog. I'm writing this review despite the outcome of my predicament because I am impressed with the owners ownership and his ability to be level headed, even when I wasn't. Either way, they worked with me so that's really all I wanted.

Update: They made everything right and at least stated that they would see about returning my late fees(which are warranted, I should pay). Surprisingly, they took care of the issue without me having to follow up and before my next rent payment was due. Either way this horrible experience has turned out quite well. I'm grateful."

Robert Johnson III

"I have had a great experience with Wilkinsonpm this past year and thank them for all their help, good job."

Jaime Dominguez

"To date. Such professionalism!!! I luv it."

Angela Johnson

"We've been with WilkinsonPM for years now and love the service!"

Charlene Depry

"Enjoyed working with Wilkinson PM. Great people and awesome property management."

Naomi Ortega

"Had an issue that Patrick handled like a professional. Thank you Patrick."

Sharona Peterson

"I've used Wilkinson to rent our property for four years and I've been very happy with their service. Specifically Brenda Dooley has done an excellent job keeping me informed when I needed to be. Recently we had several water pipes burst and Brenda had a crew at the house immediately. Living so far away, it really was great how she took care of the situation. I highly recommend Brenda and Wilkinson."

Richard Von Schlichten

Realtor-Equal Housing

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