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Cleveland Park

If you are looking for opportunities to invest in real estate and property management, Cleveland Park is a fast-growing residential neighborhood that offers numerous investment properties. Wilkinson Property Management is an excellent resource for property owners seeking to rent, invest, or sell investment properties within the district.

Well known for its historical 19th Century Queen Anne-style houses and A+ school district, Cleveland Parks sits west of Rock Creek Park in Washington DC. Cleveland Park’s history dates back to 1886 when President Grover Cleveland invested in a summer estate called Oak View. In 1889 the estate changed hands, and it was renamed “Cleveland Park” in 1890.

Cleveland Park
Why Cleveland Park

Why Cleveland Park?

Cleveland Park is possibly one of the best neighborhoods to invest in rental properties in Washington, DC. It’s little wonder why, with attractions such as museums, national parks, and theaters all close at hand! Some area highlights include:

  • Rock Creek Park: Just east of Cleveland, this was the third National Park ever established in the USA, created in 1890.
  • Uptown Theater: Locally known as “The Uptown,” this single-screen Art Deco theater offers patrons a chance to experience cinema as it once was.
  • Park and Shop: Established in 1930, this historic shopping mall was one of the United State’s first two strip malls ever built.
  • Cleveland Park Station: The Metro Red Line runs here, offering fast and convenient travel into the heart of Washington DC.
  • Historic House Tour: Hosted annually by the Cleveland Park Historical Society, this tour explores the Craftsman and Queen Anne-style homes of the 1890s.

Cleveland Park is a residential neighborhood rich in family-friendly entertainment and culture. With public schools boasting A+ ratings, potential tenants are in abundance. This historic neighborhood promises high returns on investment properties, and a reliable property manager can help maximize those returns.

Professional Property Management in Cleveland Park, Washington DC

Working with a property management company ensures that your rental properties are well taken care of 24/7. Wilkinson Property Management’s property management team manages townhouses, single-family homes, and condominiums.

Our team takes the effort and stress out of renting out investment properties. Property management services in Cleveland Park include:

  • Maintenance and Repair Coordination: Emergency repairs and routine upkeep to ensure your property maintains its value
  • Finances: Tracking property expenses and revenue for you, collecting rental payments and security deposits, and allowing tenants to pay via our online portal
  • Marketing and Advertising: Professional quality photos of your rental property, yard signs, and digital marketing created to attract tenants
  • Tenant Screening: Background checks, credit history, employment verification, and rental history confirmation to ensure a smooth rental process
  • Paperwork and Documentation: Leases, property taxes, and notices served to tenants managed and recorded
Why You should Partner with Wilkinson Property Management

Benefits of a Dedicated Property Management Company

Above all else, partnering with Wilkinson Property Management for property management in Cleveland Park gives you peace of mind. Our local team’s knowledge of laws and regulations and our clear communication protect you and your investment properties from potential legal issues that could otherwise arise during the rental process.

Our property management services maintain your rental portfolio’s value in the Cleveland Park, DC, area. We have a large network of connections to local tradespeople around to ensure that your property is well maintained.

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We understand the level of trust needed to leave your rental property in our care. That’s why at Wilkinson Property Management in Cleveland Park, we treat your property as if it were our own.

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