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Georgetown Property Management

Owning property in Georgetown gives investors access to endless opportunities. With more and more people moving to Washington, DC, every day, property owners can quickly enhance their investment portfolios through rental properties.

Owning and renting out property is often lucrative. However, property management requires a significant amount of time and expertise, making it difficult to balance rental property management with other professional and personal commitments.

At Wilkinson PM & Home First Realty, our team simplifies property management in Georgetown by providing comprehensive services for property owners.

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What Does Property Management Look Like in Washington, DC?

Investors are responsible for many aspects of their property. From building maintenance to tenant payment collection, there are several components to consider when investing in rental property. As a result, many property owners feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

Fortunately, hiring a professional property manager guarantees that your properties receive expert care.

How Can a Property Management Company Help?

Our property managers at Wilkinson Property Management offer a wide range of services to protect your investment and streamline the property management process, including:


To make money from your rental property, you need to fill it with quality tenants. Our team combines your property's best assets with our unparalleled marketing techniques to advertise your rental unit and attract potential tenants.

Leasing and applications

Once we find potential candidates, we take care of the leasing and application process. We perform thorough background checks, employment verification, and interviews to ensure that we find quality tenants.

Rent collection

We help turn the rent from your tenants into your passive income. By establishing easy-to-use online platforms, we make it easy for tenants to pay rent and record all payments for the property owner.

Property maintenance

At Wilkinson Property Management, we protect your investment with regular inspections and routine maintenance. We also provide emergency repair services to keep your property in tip-top shape and your tenants happy.


We keep a comprehensive record of various expenses and income for property owners. These financial statements are easily accessible online and include a record of every transaction related to your property.


Unfortunately, evictions are an unavoidable aspect of rental property management. Should an eviction become necessary, you can rest easy knowing that our Wilkinson Property Management staff will handle it for you – and keep a record of the situation.

Laws and regulations

Owning property in Washington, DC, requires compliance with various federal, and local regulations. Our experts at Wilkinson Property Management stay abreast of these constantly changing laws to help you avoid potential fees or legal issues.

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Why Own Property in Georgetown, Washington, DC?

The historical neighborhood of Georgetown sits in northwest Washington, DC, where it has become a commercial, cultural, and entertainment hub for long-time residents, new homeowners, and Georgetown University, students.

With a large number of professionals moving into the Georgetown neighborhood, you can expect tenants who are willing to pay top-dollar for rentals in the thriving community. With that in mind, owning property in Georgetown offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased equity: The key to building equity is having a significant return on investment. Owning property in Georgetown gives you access to high-paying tenants looking for long-term leases. As you increase your tenant roster, you increase your passive income, which helps reduce your mortgage principal and build equity. Further, the area has seen substantial growth year-over-year, with home prices increasing by more than 15% in the last five years, making it a competitive market perfect for the discerning investor.
  • Tax deductions: Property owners qualify for tax deductions for various property purchases and expenses. There are many deductions available for investors, including depreciation.
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Property Management in Georgetown

Keeping up with the various responsibilities of property management in Georgetown can feel complicated. At Wilkinson Property Management, we handle the property details, so all you have to worry about is what to do with your increased passive income.

Our staff commits to working with you to help you achieve your property investment goals. By hiring Wilkinson Property Management, you’ll get a team of dedicated professionals with the expertise you need to create a thriving rental portfolio.

When you need property management in Georgetown, trust our experienced and top-rated team at Wilkinson PM & Home First Realty. Call us today at 703-971-1800 to learn more about how we can help you increase your ROI through exceptional property management.

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