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Many property owners or investors are reluctant to hire a professional management company because they prefer to manage their own portfolio of properties. They usually want to save on fees and utilize a hands-on approach. This is all very understandable. However, for those who are not experienced with other critical aspects of property management such as marketing, compliance, background checks, inspection, repairs, and evictions, it can all become very stressful and complicated.

Luckily, Wilkinson Property Management is a company that ensures every rental property is in perfect condition when it’s needed by potential renters. We are responsible for collecting rent, dealing with any maintenance issues, and coordinating insurance claims when necessary. Property owners who lack the time to handle all these aspects will greatly benefit from having professionals like us step in and manage their property rentals.

How Your Solomons, MD Rental Can Benefit From Property Management

A census-designated place in Calvert County, Maryland, Solomons (also known as Solomons Island) has a rather expensive housing market with a median home price of $384,700. Fortunately for property owners and investors, the value of homes has grown steadily in the last ten years, with the home appreciation rate at 12.6%. This offers them a high return on investment if they want to sell their homes.

The percentage of homes owned (42.1%) is almost the same as homes rented (40.8%) — quite an equal distribution in the market. What sets the two numbers apart is the fact that only 17.1% of homes are vacant and zero places are available to rent. This makes the rental business more lucrative with more and more people finding it practical to rent rather than buy a home.

Some may ask, “if it’s going to be easy to find tenants, why hire a property management service at all?” This is because renting out a property is not just about attracting and selecting renters. Property management is much more complex than that and requires a host of other services that require full-time effort and availability.

What We Can Do for Property Management in Solomons, MD

At Wilkinson Property Management, we are always available to help property owners and investors make the most of their rentals with a full range of services. We cover everything from screening and maintenance and everything in between. Our team of professionals provides maximum coverage for all property management needs.

Marketing and Advertising

We do our best to attract the best possible candidates. We use tried and tested techniques and utilize various platforms to find out what people are looking for. We find perfect-match tenants, so property owners and investors don’t have to worry about searching the market.

Applicant Evaluation

We take the applicant screening process seriously with our in-depth interviews and background checks. We come up with a list of reliable candidates. We conduct a thorough evaluation before letting anyone sign a lease so that the whole rental process goes smoothly for the long term.

Maintenance and Repair

We help you with day-to-day maintenance, repairs, and periodic inspections to ensure that the property rental is running at its best. We keep rentals in good shape to eliminate the need to hire an onsite manager for every building or location. We are proactive in what we do, always one step ahead of any problem that may arise.

Payment Collection

We help clients generate passive income through their rentals. We make payments as seamless and prompt as possible, so property owners and investors will get to enjoy the very reason for choosing the rental business in the first place.

Time for Expert Property Management in Solomons, MD

Property management can be a difficult undertaking for those who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the process. Nevertheless, finding the right company to help manage a rental property will guarantee a healthy return on investment. Learn more about how Wilkinson Property Management can manage your property rentals efficiently. Call us today at (410) 23 -2853 to schedule a free consultation.


Cutting Edge Marketing

Your Property Marketing

We work to make sure that your property is marketed correctly and managed to the best of our ability. This includes the cleanup of the property, any maintenance that needs to be done, inspections that have to take place, etc.

All of this is done with our supervision and help, and frees up your time. Our services help you have a better chance of finding a great tenant.

Why You should Partner with Wilkinson PM

From our early years to our current position as a leading Solomons, MD rental services company in Northern Virginia, we’ve always committed to delivering incredible service, innovative management practices, and a caring approach to property owners and tenants.

Solomons, MD is a wonderful place to call home. If you own rental property in Solomons, MD contact Wilkinson PM today to see just how easy it is to maximize your return on investment. Our comprehensive suite of management services will allow you to remain confident in your portfolio of rental properties. Contact us today for more information!

Why You should Partner with Wilkinson Property Management


Wilkinson Property Management provide professional real estate services and property management throughout Northern Virginia – Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, Burke, Falls Church, Lake Ridge, McLean, Occoquan, Springfield, Vienna and Woodbridge. We provide real estate services and property management in Washington, DC as well as Southern Maryland – Calvert County, Charles County, Lexington Park, St. Mary’s County and Waldorf. Centrally located within this large area, our managers have a specific geographic territory to maximize their effective care of your home.

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