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When you want to rent out your home, it is important to find reliable property managers. Too often, a bad tenant can cause irreparable damage to your property. Not only will it cost you money to repair the damage, but you may also have to deal with an eviction lawsuit.

Dealing with tenants can be very time-consuming and stressful. One of the most important things a property owner can do for their investment is to hire dependable professionals. A good property management service helps you find reliable tenants and maintain your property for years to come.

Why It’s a Perfect Time to Rent Out Your Property

If you own a home in St. Marys City, MD, then it is a good idea to rent out your property. With the median home price of St. Marys County at $346,800, finding tenants is a wise way to get a solid return on your investment. Luckily, this is possible with proper property management in St. Marys, MD.

With a small population of 933 as of the 2010 census, St. Marys City’s cost of living is 11.3% higher than all other U.S. locations — all the more reason to rent out your property and have a second income

What is the Importance of Good Property Management?

Property owners who prefer to do everything on their own only to discover how stressful it is to manage a rental. Property management in St. Marys, MD helps you find the right tenant, collect monthly rentals, maintain your property, and more.

The following are important reasons why you should hire a good property management service:

  • Efficient processes. The most difficult aspect of managing your property rental is having to multitask on your own. When you have a property management service working on your behalf, rental processes will be more streamlined.
  • Hassle-free living: This applies to both the property owner and the renter. Owners only need to worry about getting paid and tenants can relax in your place. The property manager oversees the rest for both parties so things will run more smoothly.
  • Quick ROI: Property managers work extra hard to get you the competitive rate your property investment deserves. They find tenants who can pay regularly so you can enjoy your passive income stream.
  • Safe place to live: When you know that your tenant feels safe in your rental, you feel safe as well. A property management service can ensure this for you with scheduled maintenance and repairs for your property.
  • Longer occupancy: You can certainly enjoy long-term rentals when your property management fosters a good relationship with your tenants. When trust is built, you get to keep your reliable tenants for a long time.

What Our Property Management in St. Marys, MD Provides

Wilkinson PM provides property management services in the Maryland area with an experienced team that is dedicated to providing the best possible service to clients. This means increased customer satisfaction for your tenants and consistent revenue for you as the property owner.

Wilkinson PM provides the following services for your property rental:

  • Efficient marketing and screening processes
  • Quick selection of tenants to fill vacancies
  • Competitive rates for your property investment
  • Smooth rental management in your absence
  • Increased savings on time and resources
  • Timely rent collection and financial updates

Find Good Property Management in St. Marys, MD Today

Property management is a great way to go if you’re looking to rent out your home. This can help protect you against the difficulties that come with being a landlord, such as having to deal with repairs or tenants who refuse to vacate your property. For more information on how property management in St. Marys, MD works, visit our website and contact us today.


Best Property Management

Property Management

  • Collection of monthly rents
  • Monthly accounting and Operating statements provided
  • Payment of invoices or monthly bills
  • Work closely with vendors for all repairs and confirm completion of work
  • Deposit of net proceeds into most financial institutions on your behalf
  • Handling of tenant issues and all maintenance calls
  • Income & expense statement at end of year
  • Prepare and serve rental increase notices, any banked calculations, and security deposit interest payment calculations
  • Filling a Vacancy with a Qualified Tenant
  • Photographing the property to include documenting the condition of the unit at inception of tenancy
  • Holding open houses and showings by appointment
  • Marketing of the property through our agents, website and other rental housing websites
  • Full applicant screening which includes processing credit, verifying income and job history, and checking past mortgage or rental history
  • Collecting first month’s rent and security deposit
  • Writing and execution of the lease with the selected tenant

Your Property Marketing

We work to make sure that your property is marketed correctly and managed to the best of our ability. This includes the cleanup of the property, any maintenance that needs to be done, inspections that have to take place, etc.

All of this is done with our supervision and help, and frees up your time. Our services help you have a better chance of finding a great tenant.

Cutting Edge Marketing

Why You should Partner with Wilkinson PM

We implement data-driven decision making in our marketing procedures to shorten vacancy times. Our clients benefit from our robust digital marketing campaigns, traditional street-side advertising and our strong referral base between properties. We also conduct a market analysis for our clients to reveal competitive rental rates and amenities of nearby properties.

Get more out of your rental property in St. Maryw, MD with less stress and lower costs. Contact Wilkinson PM today to learn more about the services we offer.

Wilkinson Property Management is a leading property management firm in Calvert County, Maryland. Currently, we manage properties in the entire Washington DC metro and surrounding areas. Our fees vary from 8% to 8% of collected income, depending upon the size and complexity of the portfolio. We manage hundreds of rental units, and provide an array of property management services that enable our clients to have confidence in us.

Contact Wilkinson Property Management for more information. We are here to help you today!

Why You should Partner with Wilkinson Property Management


Wilkinson Property Management provide professional real estate services and property management throughout Northern Virginia – Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, Burke, Falls Church, Lake Ridge, McLean, Occoquan, Springfield, Vienna and Woodbridge. We provide real estate services and property management in Washington, DC as well as Southern Maryland – Calvert County, Charles County, Lexington Park, St. Marys County and Waldorf. Centrally located within this large area, our managers have a specific geographic territory to maximize their effective care of your home.

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