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Woodley Park Property Management

Woodley Park, located in Northwest Washington, DC, is surrounded by history and exciting activities. Just north of Woodley Park is Connecticut Avenue, which contains restaurants, commercial properties, and retail shops. To the east resides Rock Creek Park and the National Zoological Park owned by the Smithsonian Institution. Lastly, renters enjoy high-rise apartment homes that overlook many parts of the Woodley Park historic district.

Property owners can ask for higher rent since the area offers many excellent amenities. However, a lot goes into owning and renting a property. If an owner fails to maintain a property, they are subject to preventative costs. Here at Wilkinson PM, we provide property owners guidance and services associated with property management.

Woodley Park Property Management

Property Management - Woodley Park

We understand the hardships of property ownership. It’s challenging to take on so many responsibilities as a sole owner. Landlords must keep themselves up to date with ordinances, repairs, and maintenance in compliance with health and safety codes, all while trying to make a profit. Landlords must run a business and keep the building intact for tenants to reside in while also providing a safe place to call home for their tenants. All of this is a lot for one individual to oversee, especially if you own multiple properties with dozens of tenants.

If responsibilities are overlooked or unmet, landlords may find themselves in legal trouble. Tenants have the right to take legal action against a landlord who does not maintain the property. We understand how challenging it is to sustain a business, maintain a building, and deal with tenants. That is why we offer expert property management services to our property owners. Wilkinson PM takes care of every detail associated with your property. We save you time, relieve stress, and provide excellent customer service.

Wilkinson PM - What We Offer

All of our property managers are licensed Realtors who have extensive real estate and property management knowledge. Our professionals are informed about the Woodley Park area and aim to find you the best tenants to rent your property fast and efficiently. A suitable applicant is carefully evaluated through a screening process before signing a lease.

Once we clear an applicant to become a tenant through our rigorous screening process, photographs are taken of the rental before a tenant moves in and after completing their lease. We take precautionary measures to guarantee you receive total compensation for any damage done to the property by a tenant. Additionally, if a tenant is having financial difficulties and showing signs of not being able to make rent payments, we speak to the tenant to find the best way to solve any issues. We take care of everything related to and about your tenant, so our property owners don’t have to worry about a thing.

Dealing with tenants is only part of what Wilkinson PM offers property owners. We also fully maintain the building to confirm it is up to code or needs repairs. This means we contact expert contractors, manage the scheduling, oversee repairs, and ensure the quality of work. Of course, we also keep a clear line of communication open, so you are aware of changes within the building. We document every communication and have a paper trail to ensure all three parties are protected. (owners, tenants, property management).

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Our goal is to remove any stress of owning a rental property and completely removing any responsibilities from the property owner. Here is a list of everything Wilkinson PM can offer you and your property:

  • 24/7 emergency number for tenants
  • Showings of properties to keep your rentals filled with qualified tenants
  • Strong marketing campaign to generate applicants looking to live in the area
  • Long-term relationships with contractors who provide excellent service
  • A detailed rental analysis for your rental property so property owners can get a maximum return on investment
  • Accounting services so all the books are in order for the end of the year
  • Fully tax-deductible services
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